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Last Case File for Scene Investigators Well Into Production

The past few months of 2022 have us wrapping up the design changes of Scene Investigator’s last case file and moving into production. This is big for us (among some others) as the list of unique props to make nears six hundred.

To give a brief explanation, we begin with a 2D version of the puzzle. Once approved, we make a list of things needed for the set design. From there, we hunt for source images that represent the items as closely as possible. We then give each item a name, its necessary dimensions, and varying levels of description for the sake of changes or alterations down the road.

While six hundred props might seem quite large, we have a scale of believability we try to match. A house would have approximately two hundred props while a smaller set, such as an apartment, may require about one-hundred-fifty. This is to make each set feel believable, and a number used to prevent ourselves from making too many props.

As of mid-May, we are glad that the production is on track and the props are looking good. Here are some of them to share with everyone.

(Props: fist ring, handbag, missing posters & documents)
(Props: folder, syringe, duffel bag, book)
(Props: alarm clock, cigarette pack)
(Props: sandal, telescope)


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Jan 30, 2023

Congrats on and thank you for all of your hard work on this game--your dedication really shows with the time you've been taking with it. Please know that the team's desire to make it as realistic and polished as possible is much appreciated.😊 Looking forward to the release!!😁


Nov 28, 2022

The assets look amazing.

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