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Asset Production Is Almost Over

This month, the production team has continued to chug along with creating 3d assets. There are approximately 200 assets left to create since our last production update, and with a small team size, our goal is to reach 100 custom assets per month. We are happy to be on track.

How our current pipeline works is that we set up a schedule that would have us tackle certain assets belonging to certain areas or regions within the game level. This allows the level designers to place things around freely once the assets are done, and they do not need to worry about using stand-ins or placeholders. Having finalized the building layouts and sizes, we are now moving on to creating building props such as windows, moldings, and doors. Our asset production is almost over.

As July approaches, our goal is to finish the remaining props that we have lined up. After this, we can concentrate on making final touches on the set design structures, and worry about fun things such as curtains, window-blinds, etc.

Here are some renders of the props made.

(Ramen and kettle, a staple combination for midnight joy during OT nights...)
(A closer look at the skateboard asset.)
(Bedroom props for one of the crime scene scenario.)


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