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EQ Studios

Based in Las Vegas, NV USA

Planned Release date:
Oct 24, 202



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Game Overview

Set in the near future, you play as a trainee in pursuit of becoming a licensed investigator. Presented with a set of reconstructed case files that border between challenging and perplexing, your goal is to solve them and pass the test. Your only tools are your logical thinking, keen perception and intuition. Can you solve them all?

Scene Investigators is a hardcore deductive reasoning game that leans heavily on keen observation, filling in the missing gaps, looking for motives when they aren't seemingly there, and coming up with several plausible assumptions to progress through the investigation. The game is tailored to fans of detective films, the true crime genre, escape room puzzles and especially for those who love the challenge of solving cases.


Set in the near future, you play as a trainee in pursuit of becoming a licensed investigator. You are given a number of challenging case files. Your goal is to not only pass, but ace them!

Experience what it feels like to be a real-life detective by analyzing crime scenes, making assumptions, forming conclusions, and finding out if your deductions are correct.

Key Features

"True Crime" Detective Experience
Observe each scene carefully and analyze everything on site. Take notes
on anything that stands out and write down any suspicions as you navigate through the crime scene.

Uncompromising Murder Mystery Puzzles
There’s no handholding or in-game hints. You will need to piece everything together, not only to understand what happened but also the connection between the perpetrators and their victims.

Calculated Assumptions - 70/30 Principle

Some evidence might be missing, limiting you from making the best conclusion. 70% of the evidence are present in the crime scene, but 30% are nowhere to be found. This is where you need to fill in the missing gaps and make smart, calculated assumptions to proceed in your investigation.

Storytelling Through the Environment
Notice the pink lipstick on the wine glass? What about the trajectory of the bullet on the wall? How about the faint size-12 boot marks on the windowsill? These are part of the
environmental clues that can help piece the narratives together.

Collaborate with Friends
While this is a singleplayer game, the deduction gameplay is great for streaming to fans or couch co-op gaming.

Key Arts

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About EQ Studios

EQ Studios is an independent game development studio based in Las Vegas, USA. Their first game "The Painscreek Killings" was released in 2017 and earned a 91% very positive rating on Steam. They will be releasing a deductive reasoning game titled "Scene Investigators'' soon.

Scene Investigators Credits


Fery Tomi

Fumie Nagano

Public relation

Yuri Matsuba

Yoshiha Tsuchida

Game designer, lead asset artist

Takaoki Fujita

Scenario designer, asset artist

Moses Davis

Scenario designer, asset artist

Sanae Ishijima

Scenario designer, asset artist

Junko Takagi

Asset artist

Brianna Chaves

Community manager







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