In the near future, any reported case, solved or unsolved, can be loaded in a reconstruction room and re-examined. These cases can happen right here in your neighborhood or anywhere across the globe. Some are simple while others border on impossible.

Can you solve them all?


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(Scene Investigators frequently asked question)


What is Scene Investigators?

Scene Investigators is a whodunit game, 'real-crime' investigation game set in the near future where case files are loaded in a reconstruction room to be examined. The case files may vary from each other, both in the eras and locations they happened in.

I understand the basic premise of reconstructing crime scenes to examine them, but not much else. Is there a central story involved?

There isn’t a central storyline connecting everything together as each case file differs from the other. There is, however, a narrative in each scenario that you play.

Will it be presented in the first or third-person? Do you play a particular character?

It will be presented in first-person. You don’t play a particular character, per se. Rather, you play your own self in the game, in the role of an investigator.

The game is set in the near future. What kind of future is it (e.g. a dystopia, surveillance state, alternate history) and does this heavily impact the game-play/narrative?

The setting of the near future is very similar to the world that we now know, with the exception of more advanced technology. It’s purpose is to allow the possibility of accessing prior reported case files for further examination. It does not impact the game-play or narrative in any way.

What specifically is involved in actually “solving” a crime?

You play the role of an investigator, trying to solve cases through logical thinking, keen observation and smart deduction. And sometimes, coming up with your own assumptions are necessary to see the bigger picture in order to proceed in the investigation.

How many individual case scenarios will be available in the game?

The number is yet to be determined as we are still in the process of determining which scenarios are best suited for release.

Will this game be played using mouse/keyboard?

The game will be played using mouse/keyboard. In addition, it will also have controller support.

Will it have VR support?

We hope to implement VR at some point, but it’s not confirmed at this moment.

What platforms will the game be released on, either at launch or later on?

It’s currently set to be released on Steam for PC only.

What languages will the game be localized to?

Nothing confirmed yet, but the game will at least have the following supported languages at launch: English and Japanese. We aim to include more languages down the road.

Can players stream this game, and possibly make money off of those streams?

Definitely! We highly recommend gamers, and non-gamers who are fans of the mystery/investigative genre, to share their experiences with their friends and audience. In fact, our previous game, The Painscreek Killings, proved that investigation games are more fun when they have someone to have give-and-take with.

When will the game be released?

We do not have a clear release date at this moment, but hope to release the game sometime next year in 2020.


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