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1,000+ Props Created for Scene Investigators

In July, our production team reached the end of asset creation for the game's final case file. A total of 64 props were created this month. With that, we’ve produced approximately 1,100 unique 3D props. The total number of worked-on items is much likely higher, as many items have the same model but require a different set of textures to be created. In addition, the real number of 2D assets made is unaccounted for.

With August just around the corner, the end goal of production is now in sight and we are one step closer to the finish line. All the 3d props are here and our set designer can go about fully decorating to his heart's content. Once done, the case file will move into lighting.

Below are some renders from the assets list.

Next month, we will showcase some of Scene Investigators' set designs.

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